The Print House Cliché

The Print House Cliché specialises in:

  • producing of self-adhesive and non-adhesive labels
  • producing of soft cardboard packaging


The company is constantly increasing its production capacity in order to ensure stable deliveries of goods:

 2008 - the first in Eastern Europe polychomatic printing machine B2 Heidelberg (Germany) with printing speed of 18 000 sheets per hour, has been installed in our printing house.

 2009 - a polychromatic offset roll machine CODIMAG VIVA (France)

 2010 - a universal hybrid 10-colored printing machine CODIMAG VIVA (France) has been installed

 2011 - a third polychromatic printing machine Heidelberg (Germany)  and a nibbling machine  POLAR (Germany) have been installed

 2011 - a hot-foil press GIETZ 790 has been installed

 2013 - a polichromatic offset machine CODIMAG VIVA 340 Waterless offset has been installed

The Print House location

The Print House Cliché is situated on the west of Ukraine, in the city of Lviv. We offer printing services for wide range of clients since 2004

The Print House location

The Print House Cliché is one of the largest enterprises of this type on the territory of the Western Ukraine, with production spaces over 20 000 square metres and with working experience of ten years and the best traditions in the field of printery.  

We source the best prices and quality, and deliver on time and on budget, whatever the project. We provide you with a single point of contact to oversee and manage your print project from start to finish.

We offer print services at a cost effective rate, with a professional and friendly service. We listen to you to ensure you get what’s best for your business.